Joint sealing on mineral and metal surfaces

Construction joints are exposed to movements caused by thermal or other stresses. To waterproof construction joints permanently, an elastic material is required. KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS is a proven polysulphide based elastic joint sealant; resistant to mechanical stresses, UV radiation and aging. KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS is also resistant to aggressive chemicals.

Important for permanently waterproofing construction joints is not only to apply a durable material, but it also needs to permanently adhere to the joint flanks. The substrate must be stable, clean and dry, as well as free of bond inhibiting substances. The substrate is primed with the fast curing, transparent, solvent free, two component bonding agent KÖSTER FS Primer 2C.

The optimal absorption of the tension is guaranteed when the KÖSTER Joint Sealant FS is installed only connected to two opposing joint flanks. It allows the material to expand across the construction joint. To separate the joint sealing from the bottom, a customary PE-round cord is installed into the joint before applying the material. To avoid damage caused by tension stresses, the joint sealant is applied in thicknesses depending on the measurements of the joint. The proportion of the applied sealant should be 1 : 1 to 1 : 2 (height to width of the joint).

Always adhere to the specifications in the respective Technical Guidelines.

The system is available in grey and black color.



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