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New product KÖSTER Insulating Plaster

Insulating Plaster

We are launching a new product - KÖSTER Insulating Plaster: Restoration plaster, thermal insulation plaster, and anti-mold plaster in one product!

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KÖSTER launching in Jordan

On the 26th of July our Managing Director Dr. Hugo Torres visited Jordan for the official launching event of KÖSTER in the Jordan market.

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Authorized signatory for Patrick Kroker

Our sales manager for roofing and waterproofing membranes Patrick Kroker was appointed authorized signatory for the roofing and waterproofing membranes division.

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Our consulting team for KÖSTER TPO waterproofing membranes

Our consulting team for KÖSTER TPO waterproofing membranes continues to grow.

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New refurbished videos

We have now some new refurbished videos online.

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New packaging KÖSTER Crisin Cream

Take a look at our new packaging for KÖSTER Crisin Cream - doesn‘t it just look great?

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New flyers and system brochure online

In the last weeks some new flyers and a new system brochure have been created.

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Visit from our partners from Taiwan, T-Sto Architectural Products, Co., Ltd.

After many years of business relations and long-distance communication, our partners from Taiwan, T-Sto Architectural Products, Co., Ltd., were able to visit us once again in May at our headquarters in Aurich.

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First references from Jordan

In May, we got the first references from Jordan.

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Review BAU 2023

We were exhibitors!
From April 17th to 22nd, the BAU took place on the grounds of the Munich Exhibition Center, where around 190,000 visitors found out about innovations and trends from the 2,260 exhibitors from 49 countries.

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